Building out a baby registry can be an overwhelming task. And as a mom-to-be, you can’t even have

a glass of wine to relax while you work through that list. But, not to worry.

We’ll help you with that process. Here, we’ll walk you through 9 things that should be in your

registry. These are all designed to make early baby care easier. They take on things such as feedings,

napping, and bath time.


3 Baby Care Items for Feed

· Nursing Covers

Not all moms are comfortable feeding in public. So, if that’s you, then a baby nursing cover

for breastfeeding in public will do the trick. Just make sure that it’s soft and comfortable for both you and the baby.


· Receiving blankets

No, you cannot have too many receiving blankets because trust me, you’ll go through them quickly 

in a day. Polar fleece blankets like the ones we have hold warmth well since babies aren’t able to

regulate their temperature. You can use them for burping and more for your newborn.


· Cotton Bibs

A bib helps keep your baby clean during feedings, whether it’s from the breast or a bottle. Get

something comfortable, and that can interlock, so it stays in place even as your baby wiggles around.


4 Baby Care Items for Napping

· Newborn bodysuits

You want your baby to get down for his nap. And one thing that can help is comfortable material. So,

make sure that you get bodysuits made with quality material to ensure your baby can nap

 peacefully. If the baby bodysuits aren’t too tight, they’ll also give the umbilical cord breathing room

and time to heal.


· Tank tops and shorts

With newborns, you need breathable material to help them regulate their temperature. So, for nap

time, make sure they are in comfy clothing.


· Blankets

Again, you want to ensure that your baby is getting comfortable, breathable material to sleep on. It

should help them to regulate their temperature since babies aren’t able to do that on their own as yet.


· Booties and hats

While the hats aren’t necessary for sleep, the booties can surely help. So, add a few booties to your

list. They can double for when you need to be up with your baby or leave the house.


2 Baby Care Items for Bath Time

· Baby Washcloth

Look for soft washcloths for bathing your new baby. These are especially useful for newborns and

their sensitive skin. They make bath time easier, too since they aren’t harsh and causing discomfort.


· Baby hooded towel

A baby hooded towel helps to dry off and keep your baby warm after bath time. And if you’re feeling

fancy, get a baby infant robe. It’ll keep your new little one snuggled up all nice, warm, and comfy after

their bath.

Building out your baby registry

So, this was a quick guide to some of the essentials you should have in your baby registry. We know

that with your tired feet, walking around to different baby shops isn’t the best thing right now. So,

go ahead and start your baby registry online here at Baby Care Spot and let your fingers do the walking.